2018 Christmas Schedule
Blue Christmas Service
A Blue Christmas Service will be observed on Sunday, December 16th at 5:00 p.m. So, what is a "Blue Christmas" service? One minister wrote that the "real meaning of Christmas is not presents; it is more like being met with hope and light in your darkness and that's a message that a lot of us don't hear." A "Blue Christmas" speaks to the other side of the paradox of the Christmas season I would rather ignore. I normally feel like we are supposed to celebrate joy, peace, hope, and faith and push the other emotions aside, but at this time of year many people struggle with depression and grief. A "Blue Christmas" allows those who would like and need to focus on the struggles of the season after a death, loss of a job, or during depression or overwhelming sadness to acknowledge that struggle and to express their emotions in a "safe place of rest, comfort, and healing." (chreader.org)
The service is for everyone at this time of year to recognize the other side of the season of Christmas we ordinarily avoid. The music and tone of the service will reflect that blue side of the season to provide encouragement for all and a safe place to be in worship with our grief or sadness. This service will be my first participation in a Blue Christmas Service. I know this will be a time I can express those mixed emotions of joy in Christ and both sadness and joy in remembering my parents, parent-in-laws, brother and sister-in-laws, grandparents, and loved ones who have died.
If this "Blue Christmas" service will be meaningful to you, please plan to come and invite your family, friends, or neighbors to worship, too.
Pastor Jim