Children's Sermon   “Is God Going to Build a House?”
 “Is God Going to Build a House?””​

2 Samuel 7:1-17 “Is God Going to Build a House?”

Long, long ago the great King David wanted to build a house for God. The Israelites believed that the Ark of the Covenant was the holy seat of God. They had the Ark of the Covenant only in a tent. King David wanted to build a more permanent home for God. David told his prophet Nathan. Nathan said, “Great, go ahead.” That very night the word of the Lord came to Nathan that said that David was not to build him a house, but that the Lord God would build David a house. Hum, God build David a house? What did God mean? God reminded David that God took him being a shepherd and made him king over all Israel, is with David wherever he goes, help defeat his enemies, and will make David’s name great. The Lord declared to David that the Lord will build him a house. Is God going to build a house? I guess God could, but it is hard for me imagine God holding a hammer and hammering some nails into wood to frame up a house.  

What type of house is God talking about that he will build for King David? Surely King David has enough money to build his own house! What do you think God meant when God said that He was going to build David? (a really big house with lots of rooms and a winding staircase, a house with a lot of land for sheep, a house made of gold, etc.) Well, it does not sound like a normal physical house. This house God will build for David sounds like the house will be made of people that are his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren through hundreds of years, a house of people, and a house of King David. I come from the house of the found father Patrick Henry through my Father. King David’s house leads all the way to our Lord Jesus, the son of Mary and Joseph and the Son of God. That is the type of house God built King David. I am glad God did build that house! Through being a part of the body of Jesus Christ in the church, we, too, are part of the house that God built. That’s pretty neat to live in the house that God built.  

Let us pray: God of King David and Bathsheba and King Solomon and all in the house that your built, build our house today called Pineda Presbyterian, your whole church, and each of our families so that with one voice we may praise your name. We give you thanks for our Mom’s and Dad’s, our brothers and sisters, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.