Children's Sermon   “Jesus Gets a Bath
 “Jesus Gets a Bath

Mark 1:1-11 “Jesus Gets a Bath”
How many of you like baths? Bubble baths? To wash your hair? Though I usually take a shower now, I love to take a bath. Tell me: what do we need to take a good bath? (a bathtub, water, soap, washcloth, shampoo, a small boat, Mr. Bubbles, a submarine, army men to shoot rubber bands at, etc.)  
Jesus did have some water: the Jordan River. Jesus also went down in the water and was baptized by John. He did not have any soap to wash the dirt off, but the water washed off any dirt on him I would guess. Jesus got baptized not to take a bath but to show us that he is just like us, a human being, born with a mother. But we also know Jesus is the Son of God. So, he is a human like us, but more than a human because he is the Son of God. At that time, many Jews were getting baptized like Jesus to be made clean of their sins. The thing is Jesus never sinned. He did not need to be clean like us from sinning, or from doing wrong things. I think what he was doing by getting baptized by John was simply saying I am like you.  
I was baptized like Jesus when I was a baby. Jesus was a lot older than I when he was baptized; like 30 years old. Some of you may have been baptized when you were a baby, too. When you and I are baptized, it is like getting a bath with lots of soap to make us clean from doing wrong things, what we call sin. But also and maybe more important, when we are baptized, we also receive the Holy Spirit like Mark said Jesus did: “as (Jesus) was coming out of the water, (Jesus) saw the heavens torn apart and the Spirit descending like a dove on him. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the one I love, with you I am well pleased.” You know I think that is what God says at our baptisms, too, “Jim, you are my son, the one I love, with you I am well pleased” or “Mary, you are my daughter, the one I love, with you I am well pleased.” Like God loved Jesus, God loves you, too!

Let us pray: Father, we are glad your Son Jesus is like us, human, and also your Son. Help us be like him. We pray in his name. Amen.